Name: Heather Blackburn

Instrument: Cello

Location: SE Portland

Email: cellospud@gmail.com

Name: Jonathan Cheskin

Instrument: Cello

Location: SE Portland 

Phone: (503)267-4872

Email: Joncheskin@yahoo.com

Name: Michelle Edwards

Instrument: Cello

Location: Hood River

Phone: (503)753-4608

Email: medwards.uw@gmail.com

Name: Ms. Elizabeth Gergel

Instrument: Cello

Location: Eugene, OR

Phone: 828-450-7850

Email: ergergel@gmail.com

Website: elizabethgergel.com

Name: Dr. Valdine Ritchie Mishkin 

Instruments: Cello and Early Childhood Education Cello Class age 3-5

Location: 24700 SW Valley View Rd, West Linn, OR 97068

Phone: (503) 635-3742 

Email: Valdinemishkin@gmail.com

Website: www.ValdineMishkin.com

Name: Ashley Peck 

Instruments: Cello 

Location: NW Portland

Phone: 541-760-8853

Email: ashley@ashleypeck.net

Website: www.ashleypeck.net

Name: Erin Ratzlaf
Instrument: Cello 
Location: NE 13th Ave. in Portland
Phone: 503-419-8509
Email: ErinRatzlaf@gmail.com

Early Childhood Education (Suzuki Method)

Name: Da Capo Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Teachers: ​Christine Goodner & Karen Huffman

Ages: Birth - 4 (0 - 6 months attend Free while space lasts)

Locations: SW Portland & Hillsboro

Phone: (971) 678-5562

Email: DaCapoSECE@gmail.com

Website: www.DaCapoSECE.com

Name: Eugene Suzuki Music

Teachers: Jodie St Clair

Location: 1637 Oak St., Eugene, OR 97401

Email: jodie@eugenesuzukimusic.com

​Website: http://www.eugenesuzukimusic.com

Piano, Guitar & Recorder 

Name: Eithne Boyer 
Instrument(s): Piano 
Location: 7929 SE 106th Ave.  Portland  97266
Phone: (503) 799-7973
Email: eithnesuzp@hotmail.com

Name: Karen Huffman

Instrument: Piano, Suzuki Early Childhood Ed. Classes

& Ready for Piano Class (ages 3-6)

Languages: English, Japanese 

Location: NW 114th Ave, Portland, OR 97229

Phone: (971) 678-5562

​Email: khuffmanpiano@gmail.com

Website: www.portlandsuzukipiano.com

Name: Debbie Lee

Instrument: Piano

Location: 1134 NW 44th Ave, Camas, WA 98607

Phone: (971) 263-7263

Email: debbieleepianostudio@gmail.com

Name: Rose Okada

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin, Guitar & Classical Music of India 

Location: SW Portland 97225

Phone: (503) 296-9650

Email: Rose@Kiranawest.com

Website: www.Kiranawest.com

Name: Mrs Celeste Okano

Instrument: Guitar

Location: Beaverton, OR

Phone: (307) 760-1540

​Email: celeste@okanoguitarstudio.com

Website: www.okanoguitarstudio.com

Violin & Viola 

Name: Clarisse Atcherson

Instrument(s): Violin

Location: Camas, WA 

Phone: (360) 844-5202

Email: Clarisse@thelightedge.com

Website: www.thelightedge.com

Name: Edie Bennett


Location: 8628 SW 50th Ave, Portland 97219

Phone: (503) 246-9945

Email: edieviolin@aol.com

Website: www.ediebennett.com

Name:  Margaret Bichteler 

Instrument:  Violin

Language(s):  English & German 

Location:5845 SE Taylor St.  Portland

Phone: (503)724-8220

Email: ​mbichteler@gmail.com

Name: Erica Boland

Instrument(s):  Violin, Viola

​Location:  4158 NW 127th Ave, Portland

​Phone:  (503)332-9158

Email: bolandviolinstudio@gmail.com

Name: Kathy Boulton

Instrument(s) Violin, Viola, & Early Childhood 

Location: 994 NE Sunrise Ln  Hillsboro 97124

Phone: ​(503) 615-0751

Email: kaboulton1@gmail.com

Website: www.suzukiacademyofstrings.com

Name: Brooke Carroll

Instrument(s): Violin & Viola
Location: Vancouver, WA

Phone: (503)910-5913

Email: violabrooke@gmail.com
Website: www.brookecarroll.com

Name: Meghan Coil 

Instrument(s): Violin

Location: ​North Portland

Email: Breathesuzuki@gmail.com

Website: www.Breathesuzukistudio.com

Name: Dr. Kara Eubanks

Instrument(s): Violin
Location: Eugene, OR 
Phone: 815-761-7689
Email: karaeubanks@gmail.com

Name: Suzanne Gaye

Instrument(s): Viola, Violin
Location: Beaverton, OR 
Phone: (503)524-6620
Email: 47suzgaye@gmail.com

Name: Sharon Golden 

Instrument(s): Piano, Recorder & Violin 

Location: East Portland

Phone: (503) 287-7957

Email: squiton@aol.com

Name: Christine Goodner 

Instrument(s): Violin, Viola & Suzuki Early Childhood Classes

Location: Hillsboro, OR 

Phone:  (503) 913-3621

Email: GoodnerViolin@gmail.com

Website: www.BrooksideSuzukiStrings.com

​Name: Luise Grube 

Instrument(s): Violin

Languages: English & German

Location: SW & NW Portland

Phone: (503) 544-1266

Email: Luisegrube@gmail.com

Name: Lisa Hansen

Instrument(s): Violin

Location: Cedar Mill, OR

Email: lisahansenviolin@gmail.com

Website: www.lisahansenviolin.com

Name: Dr. Rebekah Hanson

*not currently accepting new students*

Instrument(s): Violin & Viola 

Location:  ​Newberg & SE Portland 

Phone:  (503) 476-4433

Email: Chehalemmusic@gmail.com

Name:Olivia Horgan 

Instrument(s): Violin

Languages: English & Spanish

Location: NW Portland 

Email:  oliviahorgan@fastmail.fm

Name: Laurita Jauregui

Instrument(s): Violin

Languages: English & Spanish

​Location: Portland, OR 97203

Phone: (503) 936-9857

Email: jaureguivlnstudio@gmail.com

Website: www.jaureguiviolinstudio.com

Name:Maren Knopp

Instrument(s): Violin & Viola 

Location: Wilsonville, OR

Email: marenknopp@gmail.com

Website: www.knoppmusic.com

Name: Erica Liebert

Instrument(s): Violin

​Location: NE Portland

Email: erica.liebert@gmail.com

Name: Jodi Morrissette

Instrument: Violin

Location: Beaverton, OR

Email: jodymorrissette@frontier.com

Name: Kate O'Brien-Clarke

Instrument(s): Violin & Viola

Location: Portland 97206

Phone: (971) 221-4237


Name: Rose Okada

Instrument(s): Piano, Violin, Guitar & Classical Music of India 

Location: SW Portland 97225

Phone: (503( 296-9650

Email: Rose@Kiranawest.com

Website: www.Kiranawest.com

Name: Elizabeth Peyton

Instrument(s): Violin & Viola

Location: Inner SE Portland

Phone: (503) 490-6070

Email: Elizabeth.peyton@gmail.com

​Name: Sarah Roth

Instrument(s): Violin

Location:  ​NW Portland

Phone: 503-708-5898

Email: Sareroth@yahoo.com

Name: Cynthia Scott
Instrument(s): Violin & Viola 
Location: 802 Summit St Oregon City, OR 97045-3046
Phone: (503)655-7839
Email: scottcynthia.vnva@gmail.com 

Name: Jodie St. Clair

Instrument(s): Violin & Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Location: 1637 Oak St., Eugene, OR 97401

Phone: (541) 285-6655

Email: jodie@eugenesuzukimusic.com

Website: http://www.eugenesuzukimusic.com

Name: Annalisa Tornfelt

Instrument(s): Violin

Location: Tabor Space - 5441 SE Belmont St. Portland, OR 97215

Phone: (503) 984-7079

Email: Annalisatornfelt@gmail

Name: Jeremy Waterman

​Instrument(s): Violin, Viola

Location: 5933 SW Hood Ave, Portland, OR 97239

Phone: (503) 577-4348

​Email: theonlywaterman@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.watermanviolin.com 




OSA Teachers 


* Disclaimer: This is a list of active Suzuki Teachers in the State of Oregon and is not a referral list.  We are a professional, voluntary organization that does not provide any governmental or regulatory jurisdiction or authority over it's members. The information on this page is not verified by the OSA and is not a referral service.  The OSA does not recommend any specific teacher or OSA member.