Spring Play In - East Side of Portland

Saturday April 29th 3pm

Location/Address Coming Soon ! 

Suggested Donation $2 to cover the cost of the church

Rep List 


May Song (D)

Allegretto (D)

Minuet 2 (C Major)

Waltz (D)

The Two Grenadiers (G)

Boccherini Minuet

Humoresque (D)

Bach Double 



Seitz Concerto 2, 3

Country Dance

Mozart Minuet (Book 7)


Lully Gavotte (Cello & Viola)

Telemann Concerto, 4th movement (violas)

Oregon Suzuki Association Play Ins are open to students of teachers who are members of our association. Our annual "Play in at the Park" in August is open to anyone! We'd love you to join our friendly & active group of teachers and have your students participate.